Beta 0.5 Launch Day

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Wow! Yesterday was amazing. I officially launched the first Beta version of on Reddit’s /r/Neverwinter, and the response was incredible. (See the post HERE). I started my version at 0.5 because I feel the website is about halfway to a point that I could walk away for a few months and it be fine, so I DO have some work to do.

Shown on this page is a Google Analytics snapshot for yesterday and today (up to 9 am this morning). While you may not geek out over the numbers as much as myself, this data is huge for me. Neverwinteractive is my first large scale project like this since I’ve been doing web design/development, to see it get so much attention immediately feels outstanding. There is also something really cool coming this weekend, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Just be excited for me, OK?

But that isn’t why you’re reading this, to hear me brag, right? You’re here to see where this is all heading. So let’s get cracking on some things I am planning with my new

Existing Issues

After a few user comments on Reddit, I’ve begun tracking things that users have issues with, areas the site is lacking, and on and on. So, quick and easy list time!

  • Landmarks without titles show previously hovered landmark title instead
  • DPI scaling causes scroll issues on homepage
  • Scrying Orbs should be on maps

That’s all. That is all the feedback I have to this point.

Planned Developments

Upcoming modifications to maps!

  • Add scrying orbs to all adventure zones (Protector’s Enclave now has orbs to test icon, might have to change it)
  • Add titles to landmarks that don’t have one (treasures mostly)
  • Continue filling in NPC landmarks not shown on in-game map

Planned development objectives after modifications near the end:

  • Filtering/hiding landmarks
  • Social Media tie-in for account creation/log-in for upcoming comments system.
  • Make a Facebook page for the site

That is a quick run-down of what is to come. Not the best list, but a decent start to hopefully weekly updates!finishing @ 8:38 pm

It’s a bit late in the day, and I didn’t have a chance to finish the initial draft of this post earlier because I wanted to get the Scrying Stones implemented today!

Well, that’s done, but it took quite a long time to make it happen. Since I didn’t have titles for the landmarks I found on the wiki, I went ahead and ran Tru to each stone and took a look. This gave me the most accurate possible positioning for my landmarks, which is how I tend to build the maps anyway. The process is painstaking, but the accuracy is worth it!

Now I shall take the rest of the evening off and go experiment with the new crafting system, which I hear is terrible. I look forward to seeing some of you throughout Fearun!

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