Beta 0.8 sort of?

Cryptic recently announced the upcoming 16th Module for Neverwinter titled Neverwinter: Undermountain. With it are some massive changes to the game we know and love, and surely there will be some new maps. Coincidentally, there are massive changes to Neverwinteractive here, and still more coming. You’re currently on the fresh redesign reading this post, and I invite you to look around at the new digs, maybe notice the:

  • Ultra fast website built on Elementor
  • Shorter navigation paths
  • Less cluttered UI
  • No user login (instant FB commenting)
Page load speeds for Neverwinteractive on 20 February 2019. 97% Page Speed score, 76% YSlow score.

I plan to be ahead of the curve on this upcoming module and will exploring vehemently through any new maps once they are on Preview. The trouble currently is that the Maps plugin I’m using has some broken functionality with the recent upgrade, yet somehow all of the previously built maps work perfectly. I’ve already reported all the issues and the Developer assured me it is in the works. So I will be able to have Maps built on my end to launch, but if Undermountain goes live before the update comes through, we may be stuck with ugly markers for a while, as seen below.

Gross boring normal landmark icons due to currently broken Maps plugin

Soon enough, this sub domain will get migrated to live and become Version 0.9 of Neverwinteractive, but I have quite a few minor things to fix (and content to add) before that happens. For now, here’s a list of content things that will[should] happen before the 0.9 migration:

  • Write/update 10+ guides to fill that section in
  • Have maps (blank or not) available for all queues
  • Import 2 or 3 more useful tools, not sure what though
  • Add Cryptic and NWO RSS feeds to website
  • Find a bag of money cause I’m broke?

Here’s a list of technical things that will happen as the migration begins:

  • Migrate BNI.NI to
  • CDN it up
  • Ensure SSL
  • Optimize the ISH out of it all

As always, let me know of any tools or guides that you would like to see appear on!

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