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Mod 14


Explore a city under siege by Strahd Von Zarovich in Cryptic Studios Neverwinter Module 14: Ravenloft. Map contains markers and information about 7 Heroic Encounters, 16 Points of Interest, 8 Hunt Clues, and more!


Mod 13

Swords of Chult

Survive the dangerous Lost City of Omu in Cryptic Studios Neverwinter Module 13: Sword of Chult. Map contains markers and information about 40 Points of Interest, 9 Hunt Marks, 15 treasure maps, and more!

Lost City of Omu

Mod 12

Tomb of Annihilation

Battle The Tyrant for incredible gear in Cryptic Studios Neverwinter Module 12: Tomb of Annihilation. Map contains markers and information for 10 Hunt marks, 19 Points of Interest, 12 treasure map locations, and more!

Soshenstar River









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Currently in development:

  • Neverwinter Wiki



What is this?

This website is an ongoing project, probably forever under construction, to make interactive maps available for players to utilize while traversing the lands of Faerûn in Neverwinter. These maps, eventually, will contain enough data about each map that new and experienced players will be able to easily pin-point their targeted POI, HE, or Quest Location while exploring. These maps will be available on computers, tablets, and mobile devices responsively and fully functional. Please check back frequently for new and updated maps and markers!

Who did this?

Tru#8851 (PC) on Neverwinter, Jeff in the real world; a student, husband, parent, and small business owner. He enjoys spending what little free time he has on web projects such as this, and playing Neverwinter with his Guild-mates in GBD. If you’re interested in helping him support this website, you can utilize our Donorbox. All donations will go toward the hosting and asset cost of Neverwinteractive.com.

Quick Disclaimer

An excessive majority of the graphic and informational materials used to create this website are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Cryptic Studios. All rights are reserved by Cryptic Studios. This material is not affiliated with, nor is it endorsed by, Cryptic Studios. Please don’t sue me, Cryptic Studios!

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