Beta 0.65 Launch

These last two weeks have been awesome. I’ve gotten a bunch of great feedback in my Beta 0.5 and Beta 0.6 posts on Reddit, and even got a Bag of Tricks feature on NWO: Uncensored! Thanks to everyone that keeps coming back, as the site has had an update in some form or another nearly every day. I’m at a big enough stopping point that I wanted to share some quick progress throughout the available maps!

As with my first post, I want to share some traffic analytics. Tons of traffic (as far as most of my web projects are concerned) through the last 2 weeks. This is great data, and I can more easily see what is/isn’t working to better provide for the community.

If you haven’t seen the icons in the sidebar, I made a Facebook and Twitter account for Neverwinteractive. Click below to get to those pages!


This is just a synopsis, it doesn’t include any of the backend optimization work that has been on my currently 1,000+ images and other assets.

That’s all for now… Maybe I’m forgetting something? Who knows.

Planned Developments

These are just development plans, and could change at any time based on feedback!

  • Verify position of ALL Ostorian relics (gonna suck)
  • Get some new graphics designed, need some logo ideas
  • More? Yeah, just not sure yet.

Let me know what you’d like to see next!

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