Updates on Mar 7, 2019

A couple of big things since my last post from HERE.

Queue Maps

All but 4, maybe 5, queue maps have been added to the site. No POI’s currently, but I had to manually stitch quite a few of these together and it took forever. Will add POI’s later on. Check HERE.

Unfinished maps:

  • Castle Never
  • Fangbreaker Island
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods
  • Castle Ravenloft
  • Cradle of the Death God

Featured Events

I added a calendar that mimics the in-game Featured Events calendar. Pulled from PC, not sure if there is a difference between console/PC, so let me know if there is. https://neverwinteractive.com/tools/calendar/

RSS Feeds

The News page now features an RSS feed from Cryptic’s website, as well as NWO’s at the bottom. https://neverwinteractive.com/news/


Some technical accomplishments: * Lightspeed installed/setup * SSL verified throughout site * Average ~1 second page load time (not all maps)

What’s Next

I plan to update some guides and post them next, I’d like to have 10 guides available before I do the next migration. So please let me know which guides you’d like to see.

I have been looking into possibly doing a build simulator, but there is a lot that has yet to be finalized in Mod 16, so I may not pursue the undertaking yet.

Someone mentioned buff bar explanations would be nice, and I began to look into easy ways to make that happen. The problem is that there are so many feats, buffs, debuffs, potions, etc in this game that it would be another long data collection process. At this time, I do not see myself aggregating that data somewhere.

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