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NamePlayersLevelMin iLvl
Kessell’s Retreat5707500
The Shores of Tuern5707500
Malabog’s Castle5707500
Valindra’s Tower5707500
Lair of Lostmauth5707500
Temple of the Spider (Master)5708,400
Cragmire Crypts (Master)5708,400
Gray Wolf Den (Master)5708,400
Castle Never5708,400
Fangbreaker Island57011,000
Spellplague Caverns (Master)57011,000
Tomb of the Nine Gods57012,000
Castle Ravenloft57013,000

Note: All Epic Dungeons in Neverwinter have a Group Requirement of 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 3 DPS.

NamePlayersLevelMin iLvl
Master of the Hunt564+
Illusionist’s Gambit (Master)570
Dread Legion570
Prophecy of Madness570
Throne of the Dwarven Gods570
The Merchant Prince’s Folly5709,000
Manycoins Bank Heist57010,000
NamePlayersLevelMin iLvlGroup Req*
Rise of Tiamat25707,700(2-5) [2-5] {15-21}
Demogorgon10708,400(2-3) [2-3] {4-6}
Demogoron (Master)10709,500(2-3) [2-3] {4-6}
Assault on Svardborg107010,200(2-3) [2-3] {4-6}
Assault on Svardborg (Master)107011,000(2-3) [2-3] {4-6}
Cradle of the Death God107012,000(2-3) [2-3] {4-6}

*Note: Group Requirement numbers (Tanks) [Healers] {DPS}

NamePlayersLevelGroup Req
Stronghold Siege20 v 2060+Guild membership required.
Domination5 v 570No more than 2 of a class.
Domination Solo5 v 570No more than 2 of a class.
Gauntlgrym Battlegrounds10 v 1070

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