Welcome to a quick tending and influence primer for Neverwinter Strongholds! So you’re new to the game, and you want to help our your Guild, right? That’s awesome, as it is easy to do and only takes [me] about 20 minutes a day.

There are a few different things to be done within the stronghold, but some of it depends on your characters abilities. If you can’t kill any mobs inside the Stronghold due to being too low or under-geared, try to form a group of Alliance or Guild members that also need to run their “Daily Influence” as it is known.

The following map highlights a few important areas that minimize my run time while doing what I can for GBD.

Stronghold tending and HE map for Neverwinter

If you’re able to solo all of these steps, then congratulations, you’re done with this post because there is nothing more for you here. For all of you fresh to the game players, please continue reading for more information about these steps, structures, etc.

Please note that due to the variation of Heroic Encounter spawn times, this is a VERY generalized order of steps I take. It ALWAYS depends on what is actually available in your Stronghold.

How Tru Does It

  1. Grab Keeping The Peace and Defending the Stronghold quests from The Ranger, and then whichever quest rewards Heroic Shards of Power from The Builder.
  2. Start at Eastern most structure to tend (pink circles), and work my way West. Quarry -> Mine -> Farm -> Temporary Structures -> Lumberyard
    1. If between Temporary Structures’s and Lumberyard, and the HE Spider Attack! is available, go knock it out.
  3. Finish remaining Heroic Encounters to reach Maximum Influence. Usually by working West to East where the red boxes are (Devil Attack!Lake Supply WoesBeast Attack!, and Docks Supply Woes)

Why do I do my daily Guild Responsibility steps this way? Simply put, it minimizes the amount of time I have to spend doing the quests that benefit my guild/alliance. Every guild needs mass amounts of Influence, the various Shard of Power, and resources that only come from these Quests, Heroic Encounters, and Guild Structures.


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