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Queue Maps’ Poll

Queue Maps’ Poll

Here I am churning and burning through SEO, code updates, CSS changes to align with future direction, and fully enabling Ads (yeah, sorry guys), and I had an idea…

I need to add the maps that we queue for still. You know, Assault on Svardborg (SVA/MSVA), Demogorgon (and Epic), and the Rise of Tiamat [will link to those maps later… hopefully]. So I began the process of getting those pages ready, and I’ve hit a huge snag! Just HOW should I properly do this to help people understand what happens within a Dungeon/Skirmish/Trial?

So I thought I’d leave it up to the community I’m trying to help, you guys.

Below are some limited ideas for the Rise of Tiamat Epic Trial. Please comment on this blog post or the Reddit post HERE with your thoughts!

Main Concept

On a map such as the Rise of Tiamat one, simply have an icon for each vital location with some information attached.

For example, in the Summoners Circles, where Severin sits, and the 5 Dragon Heads would each have an icon on the map [the popup should have information about the icon, this (sitewide) is still an ongoing process]. This would be replicated through all maps, obviously, as important NPC’s and opponents should be noted.

For maps that have multiple, for lack of a better term, maps, I’ll stack the images similar to how I handled The Chasm and the Whispering Caverns maps, layers!

So then the big question comes down to, do people agree with having all the pertinent NPCs, locations, and Enemies marked on the maps, and then having a guide on the progress beneath the map? Or should we stick with a more simplified landmark setup where you start at 1, then move to 2, then 3, and follow the instructions each bullet has in the guide below the map?

Alternative to me building outrageously complex maps, anyone can use the new Wiki part of this site to put together some guides with information that will lead to a successful Castle Never/CoDG/T9G run…

Seriously, give me some feedback so I don’t screw this up for everyone. Done properly, this will benefit tens of thousands of people… Maybe.

Comment below, after signing in, or on the Reddit Post Here.

Rise of Tiamat Map

Jeff V
Jeff Van Gorp

Founder and Developer for Neverwinteractive.com, Jeff is also a Global and Local SEO Expert, Website Designer and Developer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Analytics Provider, and more.

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