Tales of Old

Seek out the traveling minstrel in Protector’s Enclave and share your tales of adventure.

The traveling bard is trying to create his ultimate ballad and he needs your to help. Regale him with your adventures and reap the benefits.

To participate

Speak to the traveling bard in Protector’s Enclave to learn how to participate.

During this event players must gather a group and enter an old dungeon that gets progressively harder every time they run through it. As a part of telling your story to the bard various challenges known as embellishments will be applied depending on the difficulty level the group has reached.

Embellishments are only a part of the challenge. Each dungeon run is limited by an overall time limit and number of team lives. Should either of these fall to 0 the story will end and the group will not receive any Coins of Tales Told but you will keep any treasures you have found within the dungeon.

The optimal item level for this event is 16,000. If you are brave enough to dare the challenges and are not at that item level, do not let that stop you. Anyone entering the dungeon will be scaled up to the maximum level allowing everyone to tell a story.

Earn a variety of exciting rewards. You can find out more by talking to the traveling bard and asking him about them. Rewards include:

[Envenomed Storyteller’s Journal]
[Mini Chartilifax]
[Mini Hrimnir]
[Minstrel’s Fancy Hat]
[Minstrel’s Fancy Shirt]
[Minstrel’s Fancy Pants]
[Shiny Coin Enchantment, Rank 01]

Tales of Old Season Rewards
This is also the inaugural season for this event. By participating in multiple runs of this event throughout the year you can earn one Fabled Chapter per event, when you have earned at least 135 Coins of Tales Told.

These can be traded in for powerful artifact equipment or astral diamonds at season event store. For more information browse the store or ask the traveling minstrel named Nipsy.


Apr 11 - 18 2019


9:30 am - 9:30 am

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