Summer Promotional Charge Event

Summer promotional charge event!

During this event, charging Zen to your Neverwinter Account can get you free gratuity gifts!

When you charge 1000 Zen, you also get:
[Enchanted Key] x4

When you charge 2500 Zen, you also get:
[30 Days of Free VIP]

When you charge 5000 Zen, you also get:
[Feral Velociraptor]

When you charge 7500 Zen, you also get:
[Epic Experience Booster]
[Refinement Gemstones]

When you charge 10000 Zen, you also get:
[Summer Sash of the Companion]
[Flowered Necklace of the Companion]
[Green Rings of the Companion]

When you charge 20000 Zen, you also get:
[Rank 15 Enchantment Choice Pack]
[Leopard-printed Yeth Hound]
[Coalescent Ward] x5

Find the Promotion Vendor in Protector’s Enclave to retrieve your free gifts!


Jun 01 2019 - Jul 01 2019


9:30 am - 9:30 am

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