Siege of Neverwinter

The Cult of the Dragon is besieging Neverwinter!

The Cult of the Dragon has amassed a vast army to conquer Neverwinter. The City’s outer wall has been breached, and now Neverwinter’s beleaguered defenders must stand against a horde of fanatics. In this dark hour, the people of Neverwinter need their heroes more than ever.

To participate:

Travel to the Siege Battlefield from any over world map.


The Protector has authorized special rewards for those heroes who aid the city in this dark hour. Earn Dragon Hoard Coins, Coffers, and other Tyranny of Dragons currencies by participating in this event as well as special items including:

[Siegebreaker Griffon]
[Neverwinter Champion’s Charger]
[Neverwintan Defender’s Pack]
[Quartermaster’s Enchantment, Rank 5]
[Battlefield Medic’s Ensemble]
[Injured Survivor’s Outfit]
[Veteran Dye Pack]
[Dragonslayer’s Dye Pack]
[Neverember Guard Archer]
[Champion’s Battle Horn]

These rewards will only be available while the siege persists, so join the battle as soon as you can!

The following limited items will only be available this year when the siege event is active.

[Neverwinter Siegebreaker’s Charger]
[Siegebreaker’s Banner]
[Pritine Siegebreaker’s Battle Horn]
[Siegebreaker’s Battle Horn]


May 23 - 28 2019


9:30 am - 9:30 am

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