Day of the Dungeon Master

Gather in Protector’s Enclave for a month of tabletop adventuring and sweet treats!

This year, creator of Respen’s Marvelous Game, Respen Durothil, has returned to Neverwinter accompanied by fellow eccentric wizard sporting his own tabletop game-Portobello DaVinci.

To participate
Speak to Respen Durothil or Portobello DaVinci in Protector’s Enclave to learn how to participate in their games.

New This Year:

  • Respen’s Game is now accompanied by a Campaign featuring new rewards.
  • A new game and campaign run by Portobello DaVinci is available, featuring:
    • A new Adventure Zone: Burrow Dawn Inn.
    • Four new queues.
    • New and unique rewards.


Earn a variety of exciting rewards. For full details, see the Day of the Dungeon Master in the events section of collections. Rewards include:

[Apocalypse Dagger]
[Portobello’s Wand of Sight]
[Owlbear Figurine]
[Green Slime]
[Adorable Pocket Pet]
[Lliira’s Fare]
[Lathander’s Dew]
[Neverwintian Red Veins]

Now pay close attention.

It hasn’t been confirmed but there are rare instances where you too can find your very own [Beholder Personal Tank].

Many of these rewards and more are only available during the Day of the Dungeon Master, so get them while you can!


Mar 07 2019 - Apr 04 2019


9:30 am - 9:30 am

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