Challenge of the Gods

Accept the Challenge of the Gods!

Heroes of Neverwinter, the gods have taken notice of your deeds, and have prepared a challenge to test your mettle.

To participate
You must be level 10 of higher and kill monsters that are within 7 levels of you. When they die, collect the special loot which may fall from them, and accept the Challenge.

Should you succeed a Challenge of the Gods you will be rewarded with a [Gift of the Gods], containing one of the following rewards:

[Celestial Mantle]
[Invocation Gift]
[Celestial Grace Dye Pack]
Divine Injury Kit
Enchants that are appropriate for your level
Runes that are appropriate for your level
Potions that are appropriate for your level

Once per day, you will be able to complete a quest to undertake challenges that rewards you with a [Blessed Gift of the Gods], which also contains 1-3 [Coin of Waukeen] and one of the following rewards:

[Waukeen’s Coin Purse]
[Priestess of Sune] binds to character
[Acolyte of Kelemvor] binds to character
[Tymora’s Lucky Coin]
[Forgehammer of Gond] binds to character
[Eye of Lathandar] binds to account
[Greater Lathandar’s Belt] binds to account
[Greater Lathandar’s Cloak] binds to account
[Oghma’s Token of Free Movement] binds to character
[Helmite Paladin Ghost] binds to character
[Lliira’s Bell]
Uncommon or Rare Vicious Enchantment’s

Additional [Blessed Gift of the Gods] can be purchased through the Zen Market.
Refine Vicious Enchantments to Epic quality, and ultimately create [Vicious Enchantment, Rank 12]!


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